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One of the prime services we offer patients is denture relining in Glendale, AZ. Our onsite denture laboratory affords us the opportunity to ensure that your dentures are comfortable and stable.

Along with broken denture repair, we provide our patients with denture relines repair. Twenty million Americans wear dentures; it’s no surprise that sometimes yours will need to be fixed or adjusted! There may be many reasons to seek help. Perhaps your dentures don’t stay in place when you speak, or maybe you have a hard time eating or chewing. If your dentures are more than three years old, it’s safe to assume that you should have them checked. Above all, they should never steal attention when you speak.

Not all ill-fitting dentures require replacement. Sometimes, a reline may be the solution. If shrinkage occurs, causing the bones and tissue to change, a reline is necessary. This can occur for several reasons including tooth loss, general physiological aging, or bone loss in either the upper or lower jaw. A denture reline adjustment will not affect the appearance of your dentures; it will only affect their comfort and correct fit.

If you are not happy with the way your teeth look, there are many solutions. The type of treatment, of course, will depend on the current condition of your oral health. No matter the case, no one should be self-conscious about their smile or let it affect their self-confidence. Our highly trained professionals can improve your quality of life through dentures.

The process of getting a happier smile can take time, but it is well worth it for those who suffer. The difference between us versus the others is that we are here to better the appearance of your teeth, time after time. The most popular service is teeth whitening, as it’s painless and affordable. That said, we have the answers for any problems you may have.

We can offer advice on procedures as well as financial solutions. Ask us today about our services that will get you smiling with confidence.