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C & D Denture Repair, LLC offers cast metal partials in Glendale, AZ. Impressive makeovers are possible!

We create our cast metal partial dentures from the most trusted denture material in use. They’re handcrafted and cold-poured into metal castings. Our products are unique, created specifically for you. We guarantee that they are affordable and reliable.

For those whose partials have failed them, we offer partial denture repair. These are probably the most common repairs we see in our office. Often, patients wearing these partials lose supporting teeth, clasps break from adjustments, or extrusions fail simply from metal fatigue.

This is when a visit to a denture specialist is mandatory. Our lab technicians add retention for teeth or use a variety of methods to add wrought wire clasps. Sometimes, wires can be embedded in sufficient acrylic base. Other times, we will use silver solder for repairs. Whatever the case may be, we have the access to the necessary equipment to get your partial denture working in no time!

We can handle all metal casting requests. This process must meet stringent dimensional requirements, and we guarantee to do so every time. We heat the alloy as quickly as possible until it’s molten. Then, we heat the metal with a well-adjusted torch, in an effort to prevent oxidation. Finally, we apply adequate pressure to the metal to force it into the mold, ensuring that sharp details are produced.

Our metal framework is reliable and strong. It includes metal clasps or other attachments, such as precision attachments, that hold the denture in place. Our products are top of the line, modern, comfortable, flexible, and extremely aesthetic.

We have years of experience bringing your smile to its fullest potential, no matter what your age. See for yourself why C & D Denture Repair, LLC is so trusted!